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We provide a wide range of air conditioning solutions for residential , commercial and industrial purposes. They are suitable for areas such as offices, homes, warehouses, schools, hospitals, airports, and hotels. All the air conditioner types have fixed speed and inverter options to suit your energy efficiency needs.

All our air conditioners are powered by world-famous compressors such as Hitachi, Toshiba, Panasonic; and made by top well-known Chinese manufacturers. Our products have been granted full CB and NRCS certificates.

Jet-Air is now proudly the sole air conditioner distributor of Haier: the top 1 appliances brand worldwide.
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Compressed Air Dryers Although installing an after-cooler and moisture separator is a good first step, a dryer removes water vapor before it can condense in the pipe line or in downstream equipment. Desiccant dryers are used when lower than +38°F dew point is required, from the commonly used-40°F to -100°F pressure dewpoints.

Refrigerated compressed air dryers are the most common type dryer used in manufacuring plants.  Refrigerated type compressed air dryers are installed in applications where pressure dew points of +38°F or higher are tolerable.

Continuous duty desiccant dryers use a regeration cycle to dry the "wet" off-line desiccant tower while an on-line tower dries the system air.  Regeneration is available via the following methods: