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CityJet is to reduce further its presence at London City airport with the suspension of its route to Rotterdam from 1 May 2017.

The route, which operated up to four times daily and was codeshared with Air France and KLM is suspended from Monday 1 May 2017.  The last flights will operate on Sunday 30 April 2017.

This follows a number of London City route suspensions by CityJet which include Nantes and Paris Orly from Sunday 27 March 2017.

It doesn’t have a sweet nickname like “The Bastard,” but the Israeli Air Force recently deployed a F-15B that several years ago was considered a total loss. The back half was ruined in a flight, but the front half was still good. Undeterred, the Israeli techs merely sutured the good half to the good half of another plane, to create this freak.

The project began in 2011 after a flock of pelicans flew straight into one of the aircraft’s engines, which sparked a fire and forced an emergency landing, according to Defense News . The entire rear half of the fighter jet was ruined, but the front part still seemed to work just fine. So what to do with a piece of nearly totaled junk?

After three years, the Israeli Air Force’s Depot 22 had an idea: a hybrid of sorts, matching the front of the aircraft—called Arrowhead—to the back-end of a F-15 that hasn’t been used for years and was sitting in a boneyard. Ingenious, really. The depot tried reaching out to Boeing to see if it was possible, reports Defense News , but it never heard back: