Air jet bath tub acrylic

We are experts at repairing and refinishing kitchen and bathroom surfaces to look like new.  Commonly referred to as refinishing, reglazing, resurfacing, or painting a tub - Surface Specialists locations have been providing this service across the US for 35 years.  When we refinish your tub, it is done in place which saves you from additional expenses involved in typical remodeling.  Tour our website or call us to find out more about the benefits of tub repair and refinish services.

Longer term solutions for your tub or your entire bathroom; acrylic tub and wall liners are installed directly over your existing surfaces.  Low cost and a brand new surface!  Learn More...

Convert your existing tub to a shower in a few hours instead of days.  Remove a portion of the tub wall to create a lower barrier, easy access to the tub. Learn More...

Bathing as never imagined starts with your personal vessel of warm, enveloping water. For you, every possibility has been imagined … Shape … Setting … Experience … All for your personal, rapturous delight. Be enchanted … Only with the Jacuzzi ® brand.

Discover the beautiful advantages of baths and sinks made from the finest materials. Jacuzzi offers the ultimate luxury of the handcrafted Solid Surface Collection, or the variety and versatility of our popular high-gloss acrylic models. Every product is built to meet or exceed quality standards.

It’s your sanctuary—personal, serene, and every bit a reflection of you. From a showpiece freestanding tub, to a luxurious upgrade for a cozy alcove, there’s a Jacuzzi ® bathtub for every desire.