Dynojet trx450r main air jet

What is Rejetting? Rejetting is a repetitive process in which jets are swapped in the carb until the desired A/F (air to fuel) ratio is obtained.

What is the Air to Fuel Ratio? The air to fuel ratio (A/F) is the amount of air in proportion to the amount of fuel. The stock engine from the factory has been jetted to provide the correct A/F ratio.

What kind of things would cause the need to rejet ? 1)If performance parts are added to the engine, 2) if the temperature changes, 3) if the elevation you normally ride at changes, 4) even the barometric pressure effects the A/F. For example an aftermarket exhaust increases the flow of air thru the engine and that leans the A/F ratio out. Rejetting is the process of correcting the A/F ratio for any performance modifications. When the A/F is leaned out larger fuel jets are required to correct the A/F ratio.

JETS-R-US: ABOUT JETTING AND JET KIT INFORMATION. Consider the jets that will be used The first thing to consider before rejetting is to get all jets from 1 place ...