David michael\u0027s 1969 cougar eiminator 428 ram air cobra jet

David Burroughs knew what he wanted the minute he laid eyes on it. “My neighbor Donnie Buckler brought home a sweet ’69 Camaro Z/28 with a 302 in it, and from that moment on, that was the car of my dreams,” states David. Well, we can’t say we blame him one bit, as that particular Chevy has turned many a young hot rodder into a true Camaro devotee for the last 50 years.

Over his formative years, David started on his way to becoming a true Camaro devotee. After going to a number of Super Chevy shows, the local tracks, and even the events at the convention center in Washington, D.C., he drew up a mental plan of what he would want in his own Chevy pony ride. So, naturally, when David finally got the chance to score a Camaro of his own, these ideas would meld into his ultimate dream ride.

He loved seeing a big blower through the hood, and he knew that was a “must” on any Camaro he would call his own. Fat tires looked mean, and showed that you had the power to torque and twist them to launch off the starting line. And last but not least, to burn up those fatties out back, he needed big-block power under the hood for his Camaro. And as far as David was concerned, there would be no exceptions.

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