Бизнес авиация внуково 3 jet expo

JetVip works for those who value their time over money. We provide aircraft charters to deliver you anywhere, at any time. Our expert team has an average experience of 15 years of work in the respective industry. Our core principle is to provide maximum comfort and support to our customers in dealing with whatever issues there can be.

Our headquarters is situated in Vnukovo-3. The choice of this airport is based on several reasons discussed below. We have all the resources at ourdisposal to make a businessperson feel relaxed and comfortable while waiting for the flight and while in the air.

Vnukovo-3 is the most advanced business aviation centre in Russia and the Eastern Europe. It is noted for its cutting-edge infrastructure and meets all VIP customer requirements to private airports. The total area of apron and hangar facilities allows handling over 250 aircraft at once and perform the required technical maintenance right in the airport.