Business jet broker

At Fairway Aviation Group , we monitor business aircraft markets on a daily basis. We thoroughly understand the markets from turboprops to wide-body business jets. We are dedicated to putting our knowledge and experience to work on your behalf and helping you successfully navigate all aspects of business aviation.

We know that successful aircraft transactions demand precise contract negotiations and require patience, risk management analysis and constant attention to detail. Much as a pilot uses a checklist prior to take-off, we use a “checklist” approach to avoid surprises and maximize transaction efficiency.

Most important, we focus on what we do best: Buying and selling business aircraft. We do not provide charter, maintenance, management or any other aviation services. All our efforts are focused on successfully completing a transaction for your aircraft, whether you’re selling and seeking the most favorable market pricing – or buying an aircraft and desiring to negotiate the best terms possible.

In our last private jet charter article we discussed the questions that should be asked of an air charter company when determining whether to utilize their services. In this article we’ll share some of the ins and outs of dealing with air charter brokers and jet card providers.

An experienced and knowledgeable broker can be a valuable resource in helping you find a charter flight when 1) you have no established business relationship with a charter operator, 2) you fly predominately one-way flights, or 3) you have a need for aircraft that are not in the fleet of your local charter operator.  Desert Jet works with many reputable brokers that provide a beneficial and honest service to their clients, but unfortunately not all brokers are reputable.

The charter broker industry is unique in that the barriers to entry are very low. There is no government regulation of charter brokers, no licensing required to become a charter broker, and no legal restriction on someone with a criminal past becoming a charter or jet card broker. All that is really required to become a charter broker is a website, a phone number and a fax machine. Because of the lack of government oversight of charter brokers, the consumer must be careful choosing a broker.