Jet air cf extra

Are you planning the vacation of your dreams this summer but can’t seem to cram all your belongings in one suitcase? Well, not to worry because if you’re travelling via Air Canada or WestJet, former and currently serving Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members are entitled to extra baggage allowance.

When flying Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge or Air Canada Express, veterans, CAF members, and U.S. military members can check up to three pieces of baggage weighing up to 32 kg each.

The airlines require valid military ID before confirming eligibility. ID must be presented to a customer sales and service agents at the airport. Therefore, self-service check-in does not atomically apply for the increase baggage allowance.

When a jet needs an extra kick to launch from an aircraft carrier, punch past Mach 1, or evade enemy weapons, it uses its afterburner.

Producing a big jolt of thrust—and dramatic flame—the afterburner is a simple design dating to World War II, when engineers in Germany, the United States, and elsewhere tinkered with ways to boost the thrust of underpowered jet engines without adding much weight.

The size of the boost varies. The afterburners on the Olympus engines that powered the Concorde supersonic jet added only about 17 percent to that engine’s thrust.