Air jet spinning machine

Quality and uniqueness hand-in-hand with highest productivity. With the fully-automatic air-jet spinning machine , Rieter has complemented its product range with an ...

Air jet spinning has offered yarn manufacturers the opportunity to produce yarn at relatively high production rate. Unlike other spinning methods in which ...

An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air . It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic ...

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An aircraft is a machine that is able to fly by gaining support from the air . It counters the force of gravity by using either static lift or by using the dynamic lift of an airfoil , [1] or in a few cases the downward thrust from jet engines . Common examples of aircraft include airplanes , helicopters , airships (including blimps ), gliders , and hot air balloons . [2]

The human activity that surrounds aircraft is called aviation . The science of aviation, including designing and building aircraft, is called aeronautics . Crewed aircraft are flown by an onboard pilot , but unmanned aerial vehicles may be remotely controlled or self-controlled by onboard computers. Aircraft may be classified by different criteria, such as lift type, aircraft propulsion , usage and others.

Flying model craft and stories of manned flight go back many centuries, however the first manned ascent – and safe descent – in modern times took place by larger hot-air balloons developed in the 18th century. Each of the two World Wars led to great technical advances. Consequently, the history of aircraft can be divided into five eras:

Spinning is the twisting together of drawn-out strands of fibers to form yarn , and is a major part of the textile industry . The yarn is then used to create textiles , which are then used to make clothing and many other products. There are several industrial processes available to spin yarn, as well as hand-spinning techniques where the fiber is drawn out, twisted, and wound onto a bobbin .

Artificial fibres are made by extruding a polymer through a spinneret into a medium where it hardens. Wet spinning ( rayon ) uses a coagulating medium. In dry spinning ( acetate and triacetate), the polymer is contained in a solvent that evaporates in the heated exit chamber. In melt spinning ( nylons and polyesters ) the extruded polymer is cooled in gas or air and sets. [1] All these fibres will be of great length, often kilometers long.

Natural fibres are from animals ( sheep , goat , rabbit , silkworm ), minerals ( asbestos ), or plants ( cotton , flax , sisal ). These vegetable fibres can come from the seed ( cotton ), the stem (known as bast fibres: flax , hemp , jute ) or the leaf ( sisal ). [2] Without exception, many processes are needed before a clean even staple is obtained. With the exception of silk, each of these fibres is short, being only centimetres in length, and each has a rough surface that enables it to bond with similar staples. [2]