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Changing from an existing business jet aircraft management company, flight department or setting up from scratch can be a daunting prospect. Continuity of service is paramount. Our teams have significant experience in this area particularly in helping clients build successful operations from a clean sheet of paper. These are some of our most recent examples:

From business trips to short breaks; finance roadshows to band tours, we have a wide range of aircraft suitable for your mission.

What’s playing into’s favor is shoppers’ awareness of the website. Prosper’s June 2016 consumer survey of more than 6,000 U.S. adults found that the majority of shoppers (51.7%) have at least heard of, rising nearly 200% since we first asked the question back in August 2015 . As of June, however, fewer than one in 20 adults (4.5%) confirm they’ve purchased from; among these shoppers, just 35.2% report that they’ve bought from again since their initial transaction – a figure which seems rather lackluster, given recent reports of Amazon Prime membership retention rates.

That said, clearly advocates higher-volume orders. Shoppers have the options of buying in bulk, receiving discounts for multiple quantities, and unlocking discounts on other items when they add specific merchandise to their carts. Certainly, it’s an interesting mix of bargain buying and treasure hunting, but one almost expects a Pat Sajak-esque personality to pop up in the middle of browsing, offering up a discounted trip to the Caribbean when shoppers add snorkel gear to their baskets. Admittedly,’s discount “game show” is a little distracting and perhaps has already resulted in some regretful purchases. My advice: hold onto your right to free returns.

The camera I ordered from was shipped via a third party seller, which was not evident until I reached the check-out and, even then, did not offer any other information on the seller – such as the critical ratings and reviews from customers. While makes its customer service readily available (I didn’t interact with them), buying from an unfamiliar, un-reviewed third party felt a little risky, even though the transaction proceeded smoothly. It’s a quite different story over at Amazon, where shoppers have access to sellers’ ratings and reviews; customers may even send messages to sellers with any questions.